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Book a Private Workout Session with Lucia


Is a beautiful, creative and expressive living art form!

It's incredible, often challenging, most of the time joyful and sometimes painful.  

It can make you feel more alive,

Oh, and sometimes exhausted too...

Dance to me is like a mirror of one's life.


Couple dance is between two people, music and the floor.

It can act as a conversation that expresses many levels

of body movement and step patterns which you can dive into,

learn to understand and transform.

With passion and focus, dance brings you closer to yourself and to your dance partner, all at the same time.

Couples dance is very complex and needs your full attention, time and lots of practice.

With couples dance, you have a wonderful opportunity to create the perfect dance conversation, over and over again with each dance.

To create harmony within the couple, both dancers need to have the skills to lead and follow.

The leader also follows his/her own lead and the follower leads his/her own movement fully.

This way, you can fully enjoy the dance!

Priority and focus of the class:

Part 1. The focus during this class is on the dance process, the body and its muscle connection to the movement. I will explain how to zoom in, look closely at the way your body works, how your muscles and body can rapidly change, how to transform technique, balance and solve many movement issues.

Part 2. In part 2 we look closely at directions, turns, weight transfer, framework, dynamics, footwork, body movement, transitions and technique.

Part 3. Now it's your turn! Let me know your questions, concerns and what you would like to learn. 

6 h lessons - 550euro

GROUPS of 4-8 ppl

1 h lesson - 100euro

GROUPS of 4-8 ppl

6 h lessons - 320euro

1 person / couple

1 h lesson - 60euro

1 person / couple

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